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Established to meet the need for high quality legal advice and advocacy in Somerset and the West Country, Octagon Chambers has increased in size and legal practice to match the demand.

Contractual Terms

As of 31st January 2013 the Terms of Work on which Barristers offer their Services to Solicitors and Withdrawl of Credit Scheme 1988 was abolished and replaced by: The (new) Standard Contractual Terms for supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012.

These new terms have been adopted by all members of Octagon Chambers both for new instructions and for matters in which Counsel has been instructed previously.

A copy of these Terms can be found below:

Members of Octagon Chambers adhere to the ‘cab rank rule', which imposes upon barristers the obligation to accept instructions from anyone, who through an appropriate route of instruction, wishes to engage their services within their legal discipline.

Chambers will not accept instructions that are in breach of the Bar Standard Board's Equality and Diversity Code. Chambers operates an Equal Opportunities Policy.

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