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Established to meet the need for high quality legal advice and advocacy in Somerset and the West Country, Octagon Chambers has increased in size and legal practice to match the demand.


Octagon Chambers is approved as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider by the Law Society. We have staged a number of CPD training events for all members of the legal profession at local venues. Such events are staged on an ad hoc basis, and we are open to requests to organise events on any suitable topic.

We have previously staged seminars on the following topics:

Drug Abuse - Lecture and Q&A with forensic drug expert Allen Morgan Msc

Police Station Advice and Assistance - Lecture by Professor Ed Cape

Forensic Pathology -  Lecture  and  Q&A by Dr Andrew Hitchcock - Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Expert Pathologist

Drug Treatment Orders - Probation Service

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