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Established to meet the need for high quality legal advice and advocacy in Somerset and the West Country, Octagon Chambers has increased in size and legal practice to match the demand.

Service Standard

Chambers takes considerable pride in client care, professional and lay clients. We abide by the following levels of service.

Response Times

  • All written instructions and briefs will be acknowledged in writing as having been passed to the agreed barrister within one working day of receipt.
  • All written instructions will be acted upon, and responded to, within 14 days unless an alternative time frame has been requested and agreed.
  • Urgent work will be completed to meet an agreed time scale.
  • All messages requiring a response (telephone, fax and email) will be made available to barrister within one hour of the receipt where possible and in any event in the same working day. If unable to adhere to this time frame the clerk will inform the client of the situation.
  • Barristers will return calls to clients as soon as possible, certainly within 12 working hours. If unable to do so, the clerk will inform the client of the situation.


  • Chambers web site lists the members of Chambers and Door Tenants, with their profiles. Our clerks are always pleased to help in matching a client's requirements for a particular barrister.
  • Returns will be avoided whenever possible. If a return is unavoidable the client will be informed at the earliest opportunity to discuss an alternative barrister of their choice.
  • Occasionally professional clients instruct a member of Chambers in relation to matters outside of his or her expertise. In these circumstances Counsel instructed or their clerk will liaise with the professional client to ensure that the case is placed before an appropriate specialist Counsel.


  • If a conference is required with professional or lay client, this can be arranged in Chambers or at a venue convenient to the client.
  • Due to the nature of the building Chambers cannot facilitate disabled access but Chambers has the facility to offer alternative venues.
  • Chambers is aware that there are times when it assists professional clients to have use of chambers conference rooms in order to see the lay client or to allow a lay client consultation with an expert, such as a Psychiatrist. Subject to availability conference rooms can be used in and out of published working hours.

Fees and Billing

  • All fees and charging rates in privately funded cases will be agreed in advance.
  • Barristers charging rates are available upon request.
  • Clerks will advise in appropriate cases where the charging rates need to be varied depending upon the complexity of the case after consultation with the Barrister instructed.
  • Fee notes will be rendered within 7 working days of the completion of the work, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Fees in privately funded cases will fall due to be paid within 30 days of receipt of the fee note, unless otherwise agreed.


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