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Patrick Mason


Year of Call & Inn: 1997, Inner Temple
Qualifications:  Solicitor, Barrister
Professional Membership:  Western Circuit, CBA

Patrick Mason is a senior lawyer with over 30 years experience in both arms of the profession. Qualifying as a solicitor in 1981, after training in commercial litigation, he joined the Army and spent five years, principally in Germany, prosecuting and defending all types of case at Court Martial. In private practice thereafter, as a solicitor, he worked as a criminal legal aid lawyer, taking cases from police station to summary trial, as a family lawyer, in divorce and ancillary relief, and in property work conducting commercial and domestic conveyancing.

After a spell in the CPS in the 90's, Patrick's last two years as a solicitor were spent as a freelance higher court advocate, dealing with mixed summary and indictable cases, for both prosecution and defence, and in the Court of Appeal and Court Martial Appeal Court.

In practice at the Bar since 1997, Patrick has developed a strong Crown Court practice defending in all types of cases, including homicide, violence, serious sex cases, firearms cases, drugs and tobacco trafficking, as well as a wide range of less serious matters.

His notable areas of experience and expertise are in sexual offences, including many historic cases, and in firearms, with a particular interest in antique firearms defences.

In addition, Patrick undertakes civil cases in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts, having dealt with stand alone ASBO, closure order and sex offender order applications, licensing, firearms appeals and matters relating to animals. Patrick has conducted many appeals against the revocation of shotgun and firearms licenses.

As an experienced Court Martial practitioner, he has defended many cases in all three arms of the services, at home, in Germany and in Cyprus. These have included civil offences prosecuted by the DSP, as well as more technical service disciplinary offences. Other related work includes assistance to members of the armed forces with Army AGAI 67 administrative disciplinary process.

Court of Appeal:

Patrick is an experienced Court of Appeal practitioner, having undertaken many appeals against conviction and sentence both in civilian and military cases. He is available to give advice on appeal on all types of offences.

Public Access:

Patrick Mason is an experienced barrister. Prior to coming to the Bar he practised as a solicitor for 16 years in a wide range of fields of work in the private and public sectors, employed and on his own account. As a consequence, he combines the client handling and case management skills associated with a competent solicitor with the advocacy and document drafting skills of the highly respected barrister he has become.

Patrick will accept instructions on a direct access basis in many areas of law in any part of the country. The specific areas include:

Motoring Law The loss of a driving licence through penalty points or specific offences such as driving with excess alcohol can come to anyone and can cause great financial and personal hardship. Patrick Mason has many years' experience in the magistrates and Crown courts in the defence of all types of motoring cases. If you have been charged or summoned to the court to face such proceedings, Patrick can give you advice at short notice in person, by telephone or through internet based media. He will travel to your court to represent you if required.

Armed Forces Law and Court Martial As a former army officer and army lawyer, Patrick Mason has the basis of skill and knowledge of all services and the respective disciplinary systems. As a civilian lawyer he has conducted numerous successful defences of soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families in service courts at home and abroad. These include the more common civil criminal offences, of all types, together with purely service related offences such as AWOL. He has conducted cases relating to aviation and parachuting (successfully defending a serving OC of the RAF Falcons) and in relation to matters of naval and Royal Marines procedures. Your court martial defence could not be in more safe hands.

In addition Patrick can help you with internal service administrative matters (such as under army AGAI 67), employment problems and redress of grievance.

Revocation of Shotguns and Firearms Certificates Patrick has conducted many cases involving the appeal against revocation or refusal to grant certificates. There is an automatic right of appeal for re-hearing of the decision to the Crown Court in any such case. The loss of certificates is becoming more common as the police exercise caution and "no risk" policies, including the revocation of a certificate for a single offence of drink driving. Patrick's expertise and experience in such cases is second to none and includes cases where the revocation is based on secret police intelligence only. He will advise you and conduct your appeal wherever it is to be heard.

Employment Law If you have a grievance against your employer or have or are about to lose your job, Patrick can advise you on the way forward at short notice. The cost of commencing cases in the Employment Tribunal has risen greatly and the right advice on the merits of your case is essential before you commit to litigation.


Cases of Interest:

Some of Patrick's appearances in the Court of Appeal, Court Martial Appeal Court and High Court include:

  • R -v-Pearce [2013] 1 Cr App R (S) 309 - sentence in sexual activity cases
  • R -v- H & Others [2012] 2 Cr App R (S) 21 - sentencing in historic sex abuse cases
  • R -v- Morgan 176 JP 633 CA - committal for sentence
  • R -v- Bradbeer [2012] EWCA Crim 914 - death by dangerous driving, sentence
  • R -v-Kettle [2012] 2 Cr App R (S) 34 - discretionary life imprisonment (arson)
  • R -v- Cullen [2010] EWCA Crim 1611 - sentence perverting the course of justice, assistance to the prosecution
  • R -v-Coles [2010] EWCA Crim 320 - discretionary life sentence (rape)
  • R -v-Vile [2001] EWCA Crim 2201 - sentence in aggravated arson
  • R -v-Lisle Times February 26 1997 - Army Rules of Procedure
  • Briscoe -v- Shattock [1999] 1 WLR 432 - dangerous dogs

Hobbies & Interests:
Patrick travels at home and abroad whenever possible. He is a keen swimmer, participating in many open water long distance events. He has a keen interest in aviation and military history.

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